Bruce Vartanian



Bruce Vartanian is a man on a mission. He’s from Worcester Massachusetts and even though there is tech advancement on the forefront of today’s youth, Bruce still feels real estate investment can be the most profitable source of income if you approach development correctly and like a business. Bruce should know, after all he has been doing on-site along with off-site work for the last more than 2 decades putting in roads, and bringing in waters mains for more than 100 new homes in the area.

Still, when talking about business the next project he’s noncommittal. He’s very selective with projects these days as time has become a factor, he only chooses business dealings he feels have the potential to be something special. Still, Bruce is a problem solver. Or more specifically a challenge meeter. “There are only solutions, no problems,” Bruce says.

If he has free time, Bruce loves to travel. Italy is one involving his favorite destinations. He loves to enjoy a relaxing boat ride through the Grand Canal in Venice. The structures inside canal are so old, nevertheless so beautiful. One could not imagine Venice being precisely the same without them.

Of course , these are solely samples of interests. Bruce enjoys the company of friends and being connected with others and will often talk fondly about the past. Life has been fun and Bruce Vartanian has had a good deal to celebrate.

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